Coronado High School Rewards Students for Kindness and Tolerance

The school wanted to go beyond recognition for academics and athletics

At Coronado High School, students aren't just learning Calculus and English, they're also learning acceptance and kindness. 

Two scholarships were presented to students during graduation: the Kory Kavanewsky Acts of Kindness Scholarship and The Islander Ladies Club Tolerance Scholarship. 

The brand new 'Acts of Kindness' scholarship is meant for students who inspire others through compassion. 

"Right now, there's a big demand for kindness and character," said Kory Kavanewsky of CMG Mortgage in Coronado. "I wanted to recognize someone who was special in that department and not just a great student."

Natalya Gomez received the scholarship for 2018. The $1,000 cash award is to be used towards education. 

"When we hear about schools these days we hear about shootings and tragedy," said Kavanewsky. "There's a lot of good kids too who deserve to be highlighted." 

Abigail Boyle, 17, was the lucky recipient of the tolerance scholarship. 

"I really try my hardest every single day to be positive and share a smile with everyone that I see," said Boyle. "Get your class and peers together as individuals and love one another!" 

The Islander Ladies Club Tolerance Scholarship was started in 2015 when a man shouted mean words to a gay couple getting married in Coronado.

The club gives $500 to a Coronado High School senior each year. 

"I'm very excited to go to Cal State Chico for college," said Boyle. "The money is all going to Chico because it is needed and so appreciated." 

The school said they strive to teach students life lessons they can take with them after high school. 

“We’re really pleased to have the community provide scholarships to students for recognition outside of academic and athletic achievements,” Principal Jennifer Moore of Coronado High School said Friday. 

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