Couple on Romantic Midnight Sail Needs Rescue

An anniversary sail near Coronado ended when one couple’s rented vessel struck a sandbar Monday. 

The couple was sailing near the shoreline just before 11 p.m. when their sailboat hit the sandbar and the surf started to push them to shore.

The pair – who identified themselves as Mike and Ann – said they were celebrating their first anniversary with the trip.

“Even though we know what we’re doing, lifelong sailor, but hit a sandbar,” Mike said. “And the surf took us in.”

Mike jumped off the boat and swam to shore to call for help.

Once Coronado police arrived, they helped Ann get back to land. They say the boat was close enough to shore that she could walk off the boat.

The rescued couple said it will be an anniversary to remember.

Their vessel will be towed after daybreak.

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