Cops Take Inner-City Kids to SeaWorld

Less fortunate kids taken to SeaWorld and Target for private shopping spree

A group of cops brought Christmas to 300 inner-city kids Saturday, with a special trip to Seaworld followed by a shopping spree at Target.

The kids were chosen by a local nonprofit agency to participate in the event, which is intended to provide the kids with a better relationship with local police, and a much-needed dose of Christmas spirit.

“Shop with a Cop” started at 7 a.m., when the kids arrived at SeaWorld for breakfast with the San Diego State University and UC San Diego campus police chiefs. Breakfast was followed by an opening ceremony and then a private holiday-themed show featuring adopted animals.

After that, the kids were taken to Target near the Sports Arena, where Santa met them for their $100 shopping spree.

Shop with a Cop has been running this program for 18 years. The participants are chosen by the Sports Training, Academics, Recreation/Police Athletic League.

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