Cops Raid Marijuana Dispensaries Around County

Not clear how many dispensaries were targeted

Teams of law enforcement officials targeted multiple medical marijuana dispensaries around San Diego County on Wednesday afternoon.

Members of the multi-agency operation were tight-lipped about the raids, but at least three dispensaries were involved, including one on University Avenue in Hillcrest. Employees and volunteers at the dispensary said officers came in and arrested at least four people.

Another raid took place at Nature's in the Linda Vista area. At that raid, witnesses said they saw officers draw their guns and use a ramming tool to break down one of the doors on the property. Several officers stayed for more than two hours, questioning people, handcuffing a few as well. One woman said she was handcuffed when she walked in to pick up her prescription.

"I definitely feel violated, and I feel like I've been harassed, and I feel like we have rights to use herbal medicine," said Stacey Gant, a medical marijuana patient. "I do have a legal card, and I don't think I should be harassed so."

Police said the raids were part of an operation headed up by the district attorney's office. For their part, officials in the DA's office would only say Wednesday's events were parts of an ongoing operation and that they will be releasing information Thursday.

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