Cops: Man Sliced 69-Year-Old Woman's Neck

A manhunt was underway Thursday for a bandana wearing man who sliced a 69-year-old woman across the neck after crashing into her car in Old Town, police said.

The woman was stopped in her car at Mason St and Sunset St. when an older silver truck slammed into the rear end of her car, according to police.  When a man wearing a dark bandana over his face walked up to her car she became frightened and tried to roll up her window.

"The suspect reached into the car with a box cutter and cut her just below her neck approximately 3 inches long," Sgt. Alan Hayward said.  "She stepped on the gas and crashed into a tree on the golf course."

The woman was taken to a local hospital with a non-life threatening injury. 

"Just total shock that something like that could happen in a neighborhood like this," the victim's neighbor Mary Schwartz said.  "She's a very good friend and rather fearless going out by herself."

The suspect is described as a 20-30-year-old man, 5 feet 9 inches, about 160-180 pounds and was wearing a black knitted cap and plaid shirt.

"Because of the fact she was able to get away, since the crime was interrupted, we don't know what the motivation was, and he didn't say anything to her to indicate give me your car, give me your keys, etc," police spokesperson Monica Muñoz said.

The victim's neighbor says whatever the motivation, she will be on the lookout.

"You know I've heard stories about that.  You should never ever get out or talk to anyone, you know put your windows up, because I think that's sort of a scam that's been going on, especially with senior citizens," Mary Schwatz said.

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