Cop Sex Case Could Cost Taxpayers Millions

Several accusers filed claims against the police department

Exclusively obtained legal documents partially reveal how much money the city of San Diego could have to cough up because of accusations against former police officer Anthony Arevalos. 

The court documents were filed with the city by six of the former officer’s accusers. They claim that the traffic officer implied or elicited sexual favors from them, in return for dropping their drunk driving charge or say he actually molested them during a traffic stop.

In one claim, La Toshia T. is asking for $5.5 million for the emotional pain she suffered after allegedly being sexually abused by Arevalos. She is also asking for punitive damages. 

Marci R. is seeking $1.5 million, plus punitive damages.

Jeannie E. is seeking $1.1 million, plus punitive damages. She has already testified against Arevalos during his trial.

Emma M. has hired high profile Los Angeles attorney Mark Geragos to represent her in a civil case. She did not specify exact monetary damages. 

Marjan M. also did not specify a certain dollar amount in her claim.

Neither did "Jane Doe," who is described by defense attorneys as the main accuser against Arevalos. 

Former assistant city attorney Anthony Solare said a guilty verdict in the Arevalos trial could play an important role in the civil lawsuits against the city. 

"Then you are going to have some interesting questions as the representatives of the city, do we want to roll the dice with a jury trial on something like this, or do we want to figure out a settlement and cut our losses," Solare said. 

Marci R. and La Toshia T. are supposed to testify in the Arevalos trial on Tuesday.

Jane Doe is expected to testify later this week.

Arevalos has pleaded not guilty. He faces 19 years in prison if convicted of all charges.


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