Convalescent Hospital Patients Fear Broken AC Leaves Them at Risk

Residents of the Point Loma Convalescent Hospital with a nonfunctional air conditioning system are worried the uncomfortably hot temperature in the building is having a negative impact on their health.

NBC 7 first heard about the situation from a concerned viewer. After visiting the hospital Thursday, we learned some patient visitors were taking their loved ones outside to try and cool down.

The Point Loma Convalescent Hospital serves patients recovering from illness or injury, and those needing long-term care, according to its website.

“We are all hospital patients. We all have health concerns and some are pretty serious, so yes, I think it is pretty dangerous for a place like this, a hospital, to have the air conditioner out like this,” patient Susan Kay Wilson said.

Wilson told NBC 7 the facility hasn't had a functioning air conditioner for at least one day. An NBC 7 news crew went inside and asked to speak to a manager but was asked to leave and was given no comment.

“They have fans. They brought several fans up and down the hallways, but it's nothing like air conditioning,” Wilson said.

Wilson said the hospital hasn’t told patients when it expects the air conditioning to be fixed.

A hospital visitor told NBC 7 it was very hot and humid inside but was afraid to interview on camera for fear their statement could be tied back to the relative staying at the facility.

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