Controversy at Serra High School After Racial Slurs Found on Campus

Slurs were allegedly targeted an African American teacher and Principal Vincent Mays

There is more trouble at Serra High School in Tierrasanta.

Police for the San Diego Unified School District are now investigating a possible hate crime, after two racial slurs using the “N” word were found on campus.

One was allegedly directed at an African American teacher, who does not wish to be identified. The other, at the school’s African American principal, Vincent Mays.

The discovery comes at a time of turmoil for the school.

A group of teachers say Mays is a bully and has a phony doctorate from a University that does not exist.

Before school Monday morning, a group of teachers handed out flyers calling for Mays to be removed.

“I felt they had gone too far,” said the teacher who believes she was targeted because she supported the principal.

She said there may be valid concerns, but they should be handled through the proper channels.

“Don't do in your classroom, during instructional time. Don't do it to parents, as they're coming into school, and just handle it in a better way that doesn't affect kids or the learning environment.”

She also said there may be some underlying racism involved.

“Maybe somewhere deep rooted, it may be in there, but they just don't want a person of color in a position of authority.”

She says the school needs to heal.

Ralf Ubel, one of the teachers who filed the complaints says: “From the beginning the issues with Mr. Mays were about his leadership, his treatment of female staff members, and his personal academic record. Every claim we brought forward was supported by data, survey results, witness reports, and careful research.”

Speaking about the graffiti on campus, Ubel says: "These are reprehensible, despicable and cowardly acts, and hopefully we can find the responsible party.”

The school district says the vandalism has been reported to school police as well as San Diego City Police and the District Attorney’s office.

The District is asking anyone with any information to call Crimestoppers.

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