San Diego

Contractor Arrested for Attempting to Bribe City Building Contractor in National City

A contractor was arrested after a National City Building Inspector reported the contractor had attempted to bribe him.

Jore Guevara, 55, a Chula Vista resident allegedly attempted to bribe the building inspector with cash in return for removing a City "red tag" on a building he was working on. 

A "red tag" on a building is a stop work order for a building violation.

According to National City police, Guevara told the inspector he would meet him at a later date to give him money to have the work stop order removed without any repairs.

The City Building Inspector reported the attempted bribery incident to police on Sept. 11.

Guevara was arrested on Sept. 20 around 12:50 p.m. at City Hall after he arrived and gave money to the City Building Inspector, police said.

He was interviewed by police detectives and booked into County Jail on felony bribery charges.

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