North County

Construction Closes Manchester Avenue This Week in North County

If you've traveled on Interstate 5 in the North County lately, you've probably noticed a lot of construction.

And that construction is in full swing this week, including some closures near Solana Beach.

It’s part of the first phase of the North Coast Corridor Program – which has a $900 million price tag.

When it's done, officials hope it will bring some relief on the roads.

Manchester Avenue will be closed at I-5 from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. all week, until Friday morning.

Once completed, there will be 13 miles of express lanes added to the area.

Right now, crews are working on the bridges that go over Manchester Avenue -- closing the roadway that runs under I-5 to get that work done overnight.

It's all part of a much bigger picture.

“The whole idea is to get residents who live in the north part of the county -- a lot of them have jobs in Sorrento Valley and downtown, so we're just trying to improve that commute," said Allan Kosup, the I-5 corridor director for Caltrans.

This massive project started in 2016, and Caltrans hopes to have it open to traffic on the freeway by the end of 2021.

There's so much more that's going into this project -- like a new bike path, sound walls and improvements to hopefully help out the environment.

This first phase of the North Coast Corridor Program received state and federal funding, as well as funding from SANDAG.

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