Conservatives Gather in San Diego for the California Republican Party Convention

Republicans from across the Golden State gathered in San Diego this weekend for the California Republican Party Convention.

While Democrats dominate the State Legislature, a pair of gubernatorial candidates with San Diego ties is fighting to take back the Governor’s seat.

A vocal group of conservative activists spent their morning rallying outside the Convention in support of Gubernatorial Candidate Travis Allen.

“I’ll tell you right now, we repeal this Gas Tax. This is Jerry Brown’s $52 billion tax that hurts the poorest the very most,” said Allen.

Allen is an Orange County Assembly Member who grew up in Chula Vista. He’s also a loud opponent of California’s Sanctuary Law.

“Last year I had legislation to actually defund every sanctuary jurisdiction in the State of California,” Allen said.

From the loud rally outside to the more businesslike networking inside the Convention, the State’s Republican are hoping the issues of taxes and immigration will give them momentum going into the June Primary.

Democrat Gavin Newsom is seen as the favorite in the Governor’s race, but the latest polls show Allen, and fellow Republican John Cox getting a huge boost in support.

“I think people are recognizing that we need to come out of this convention united and strong and turn this state around,” said Cox.

Cox is from Rancho Sante Fe and is currently second in most polls. He’s hoping his business background will help him get the State’s Republican endorsement.

“I’m a businessman. I’ve held people to account. I’ve made budgets. I’ve worked on solutions to problems. Politicians talk, they don’t get results,” said Cox.

There was a bit of a disruption Saturday when anti-Semitic Senate candidate Patrick Little, who has praised Adolph Hitler, was thrown out of the convention. Little, who is challenging Sen. Dianne Feinstein, advocates for limiting the number of Jews in government. State GOP spokesman Matt Fleming said Little has never been an active member of the party and the GOP condemns anti-Semitism and all bigotry.

Delegates will vote on Sunday and then the California Republican Party will announce their endorsements.

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