Connecting Dots on Phillips' Injury

Every game has its winner

Time for another San Diego Chargers edition of "Connect the Dots."

We begin on Monday, Oct. 24, one day after the team faced the New York Jets. Outside linebacker Shaun Phillips was seen inside the locker room after a meeting, wearing a walking boot.


Two days later, he missed practice with a foot injury. But there was a positive sign: He was walking in the locker room afterward, this time holding that protective boot.

Making progress.

Then on Monday night, Phillips missed his first game since 2007, breaking a string of 61 consecutive regular-season starts. Now here, two days later, after the team signed pass rusher Everette Brown, Phillips was again absent at practice, and he was back in that protective boot.

What happened? Did he have surgery?

"No," coach Norv Turner said after practice. "And he didn't have a setback. I think he walked around without it for you guys (the media)."

Shaun Phillips wins. Thanks for playing.

Not the Worst Day Ever
An ESPN Monday Night Football camera seemed to capture Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers uttering "worst day ever" after he botched a snap in the fourth quarter against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Not so, Rivers says.

"I didn’t say that," Rivers said. "It wasn’t the worst day ever. It may have been the worst play I’ve ever been a part of, but it wasn’t the worst day. It was rough, as it is any time you lose. There are other plays in that game that could’ve helped us win and others that contributed to us losing.

"That one obviously had the most direct impact, because it was a gimme, a one-foot putt. There’s nothing I do about it. I can talk about it until I’m blue in the face, and we’re still gonna be 4-3."

McNeill Ready to Rebound
It was rare to see left tackle Marcus McNeill so out of sync during a football game.

The Chargers Pro Bowler committed six penalties and allowed a sack against the Chiefs. By comparison, he'd only been whistled five times in his previous 19 games.

McNeill said Wednesday he was overanxious with the atmosphere and it being the first Monday night game of the year. It also took some adjusting, despite the strong play of fill-in Tyronne Green, to not be playing alongside guard Kris Dielman, out with a concussion.

He assured that the game is past him and he's ready for the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

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