Congressman Darrell Issa in Tight Race with Doug Applegate for 49th District

Congressman Darrell Issa is an eight-term incumbent and the wealthiest member of congress

Note: This article was updated to reflect that accusations against Applegate were made by his ex-wife, not the Issa campaign. And to take out references to strategies during the primary when there was little campaigning.

The 49th Congressional District takes in the North County coastline from Del Mar up through Oceanside and extends, even into Dana Point.

Campaign ads targeting this area have turned into vicious attacks between the two candidates--an indication of just how close the race is.

Congressman Darrell Issa is an eight-term incumbent and the wealthiest member of congress, with an estimated net worth of more than $250 million.

But a new television advertisement from Democrat Douglas Applegate, a retired Marine Colonel,  takes aim at that wealth. The ad accuses Issa of profiting off his time in Congress.

Issa's campaign has fired back at him with a campaign mailer, citing accusations made by Applegate’s ex-wife in the request for a restraining order of harassing and threatening her during a divorce and custody battle.

During the primaries, Applegate used the campaign strategy of tying Issa to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, whom Issa has endorsed.

A campaign manager for Applegate sent NBC 7 the following statement:

“Darrell Issa consistently puts his political party ahead of his country instead of doing what is right for people in his district. Supporting Donald Trump is a perfect example of that. The very same day this disgusting video came out, Issa announced he is joining Trump’s campaign. Voters in the 49th will reject Trump and Issa on Election Day.”

NBC 7 reached out to Issa's campaign but did not recieve a comment.

Issa outspent Applegate more than $600,000 in the June primary. Applegate received 45.5 percent of the vote while Issa finished with 50.8 percent.

NBC 7 reported earlier this week how the Democratic congressional campaign committee is spending millions to boost Applegate. They purchased more than $2 million dollars in television ads to air in San Diego, after identifying this district as a potential swing to replacing a House Republican with a Democrat.

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