San Diego

Confirmed: Top Gun 2 Is In The Works

Tom Cruise confirmed in an interview Wednesday that Top Gun 2 will be happening.

The iconic 1986 movie features many scenes in San Diego, including a famous piano scene with Cruise and Meg Ryan, where a piano is played in the Kansas City Barbeque restaurant, located downtown.

The restaurant is still a popular place to eat and displays Top Gun paraphenelia and the same piano used in the movie.

"Just seemed like a fun thing to do," said Martin Blair, owner of Kansas City Barbeque, who said he had no idea the movie would be so popular when the crew asked to use his restaurant to film in 1985. "All the guys were nice. They came in and said can we film on a Monday and shut it down to shoot. We said sure and they set up, filmed all day and it’s been very good to us.”

Fans in San Diego expressed excitement over the sequel Wednesday. Some wanted to know about the new technology that will be used: the navy no longer even operates the F-14 Tomcat that cruise flew in the original movie.

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