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Concerns Over Airbnb ‘Rental Party Homes' Grow Following Deadly Northern California Party

Despite new safety precautions announced by Airbnb's CEO, San Diegans still Worry about local rentals.

A single-story home near Naval Base Point Loma listed as a short-term rental property has neighbors frustrated with constant parties.

Lori Sweet, a neighbor, said the problems started when people renting the home held parties every weekend, and she says they are only getting bigger.

"It's absolute chaos," Sweet said.

Sweet said on Saturday the house held the biggest party by far.

"They presold tickets for $10 each. They had bouncers, had walkie talkies, and they even had a DJ," Sweet said.

She, and other neighbors called the police, dispersing the crowd but Sweet said things got worse. 

"People started throwing bottles, and there were fights that broke out, people didn't want to leave," Sweet said.

Sweet is especially concerned after Thursday's deadly shooting outside San Francisco.

Five people died at what was advertised on social media as a "mansion party."

People who knew about the rental agreement said the woman who rented the home lied to the Airbnb host.

Airbnb's CEO now says new safety precautions have been issued.

The CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, tweeted a plan to ban "party houses, "noting they'll manually screen "high-risk" reservations.

He also tweeted they'll develop a "party house" rapid response team to help take immediate action against "party house" violators.

But, back in Point Loma, residents want a better oversight over so-called rental party houses but aren't optimistic new rules will be enforced.

"Most of the people who live here have lived here for some time. They see it as their home. They don't see it as a rental unit. I just don't think Airbnb has a place here," resident Mike Mendoza told NBC 7.

Meanwhile, the debate on how to best move forward with San Diego's countless short term vacation rentals appears to be at a standstill.

Little progress had been made in the regulation or deregulation of short term vacation rentals. Some residents told NBC 7 last month they are frustrated with the city's lack of action.

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