Witnesses of Tragic Pool Shooting in University City Getting Community Support

Apartment complex tenants still dealing with the aftermath of a mass shooting in University City, which left two dead, including the shooter.

The polarizing and ruthless attack at an apartment complex in University City is continuing to affect many--from the victims and their families to those who witnessed the shooting at the poolside birthday party. 

But the community is reaching out to help.

The District Attorney's Office and the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) held a community crisis intervention meeting Friday night. Crisis volunteers were on hand for support, as well as information about programs and assistance for victims. 

NBC 7 spoke to some witnesses--for some, it's a feeling they will always remember.

“We couldn't sleep for a few days, the whole night," said La Jolla Crossroads resident Krieshna Kumara. 

Kumara told NBC 7, she and her husband, Brabhaear, won't be forgetting anytime soon.

Her husband had been walking back to his  apartment when he heard gun shots coming from the pool area Sunday evening. He told NBC 7, the shots were fired one after another and they didn't stop.

He said he ran in the other direction and went to a nearby park. His wife, Krieshna did not know if he was okay.

“We didn't know what was happening. My only thought was 'He went for a walk,'" she said. "We were calling him."

Back at the apartment complex pool area, Peter Selis shot and injured six people, and killing 35-year-old Monique Clark.

Selis, 49, had opened fire on a group celebrating a birthday party at the pool. 

Nearly a week after the incident, tenants said they are still emotionally scarred from what they saw.

"Shock and disbelief but also sadness that it hit so close to home," explained tenant, Ryan Tam.

Friday evening, Tam attended the community crisis intervention meeting. 

NBC 7 asked La Jolla Crossroads apartment if there would be changes to security or if tenants will be let out of their lease if they wish to do so. The complex did not comment.

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