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Ashley Matthews Shares Dog Fostering Experience, Explains What You Can Do

NBC 7 Reporter Ashley Matthews shares her story of fostering two dogs

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Hello, Ashley Matthews here, a reporter with NBC 7. I have been fostering dogs for several years now and it is something that I truly hold near and dear to my heart. I wanted to share my current experience with fostering, in hopes that others may want to do the same.

Jayne and Oliver, both 11, are my newest fosters and they are as sweet as can be. Their owners, unfortunately, had to go to the hospital because of COVID-19, and sadly, one of their owners passed away.

The other is continuing to struggle right now in the hospital and knew she had to find a new home for these two wonderful dogs.

They were brought to the Humane Society in Escondido and workers there contacted Frosted Faces Foundation, a local rescue out of Ramona that specializes in finding homes for senior dogs.

I contacted Frosted Faces by filling out an application online and asked to foster sweet Jayne and Oliver.

I emailed pictures of my home and went to the rescue to meet the pups in person outside with the workers, and after that, took Jayne and Oliver home with me.

They’ll stay with me and together with the rescue, we’ll find the perfect forever home for them.

During the pandemic, people throughout our community are really helping foster and adopt.

At San Diego Humane Society, they currently have 876 animals in foster care. That is 70% of their animal population! The community really stepped up to help out, so that they can have fewer animals at their three shelter locations and allow staff to safely socially distance.

At Rancho Coastal Society, there were about 50 people in the foster program. Since COVID-19 they've used many of the plus 10 new foster volunteers. People have been responding and they also now have about 60 new applicants. 

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