Comfort Food for Rainy Days

Special soup not available when the sun shines

The rain clouds above Saffron Thai Restaurant have a direct impact on the menu.

The Mission Hills restaurant has been making a Rainy Day Chicken Soup for more than 30 years but they only serve it during weather like Friday's.

"If it doesn't rain in San Diego we don't have the soup," said restaurant manager Marynnes Contreras.

The restaurant chefs decide first thing in the morning if the $3 cup of soup will be on the menu.  They will go months without making it but lately it's been a popular choice.  Eva Lu had never tried the soup until Friday.

"I looked at the menu, at the very bottom and thought, why not get it?" said Lu.

The soup starts with a homemade chicken broth and includes pieces of chicken, ginger, star anise, carrots and greens.  They try to make enough for everyone to order but sometimes they run out.

The restaurant's Thai founder Su Mei Yu got the recipe handed down from her Chinese mother. She has added her own touches since opening the restaurant in 1985.

Su Mei believes soups like this are good for your health. But remember, this soup is only on the menu when the clouds agree.

"So we make it every day when it rains," said Marynnes Contreras, "only when it rains."

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