San Diego

Comey's Hearing Does Not Sway Opinions of Many Locals About President Trump

San Diegans have strong opinions about former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday morning.

But it did not sway or change feelings about how President Donald Trump is doing.

NBC 7 spoke with several President Trump's supporters who remained unmoved by Comey's testimony about Russia.

“It just sounds like Trump was doing his job and Comey was trying to be a snake and get out of stuff to make himself look bad and trying to cover up," said Darcie Liberman of Allied Gardens. "I don’t know what he was doing, but I don’t buy it.” 

Others said they were encouraged by Comey's claim he was uncomfortable with President Trump and kept detailed notes about their meetings.

“It just confirmed what I believe has occurred all along--that President Trump has a difficult time with the truth, and Mr. Comey called him out on it,” said Tim Mills of Del Mar.

Carolyn Lisle, visiting friends in the North County, told NBC 7 she thought Comey appeared to be evading responsibility.

“He wasn’t believable or he seemed to be defending himself but always trying to escape the blame,” Lisle said.

But Mike Gallado of Hillcrest disagreed.

“I was very confident in [Comey's] answers. I felt him to be very honest and loyal about the way he came off with everything,” said Gallardo.

Bryan Hugo of San Marcos said he was still proud to show his support for the president.

“We have to wait to see what more comes out. Every president we’ve ever had has done stuff that isn’t right," said Hugo. "It’s a 'he said she said' thing and what bothers me the most is government is like that.” 

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