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Coffee Shop Offers Coffee Grounds and Safe Ground in Grant Hill

Mixed Grounds in Grant Hill is embracing its new role as community messenger

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A Grant Hill coffee shop is embracing a new role during the month of June: Messenger for inclusivity.

“I don’t think that we sought out to be messengers in any particular way,” Mixed Grounds General Manager España Garcia said. “But if that’s what we’re becoming, I’m all about it."

Mixed Grounds opened in March along Imperial Avenue.

“A lot of people don’t even know these pockets of neighborhoods exist in San Diego,” Garcia said.

Garcia said Mixed Grounds is more than just a coffee shop -- they regularly allow other businesses to work inside their space, and they’ve hosted yoga classes, art galleries and meetings.

However, she said Mixed Grounds is also safe ground.

“I think not that it’s so special as much as it’s something that is our core value, which is inclusivity. This is a space for everybody,” Garcia said.

“I just love that coffee brings it all together,” Tonii Berber said.

Berber has worked at Mixed Grounds since April. Berber said they appreciate that the shop is inclusive. It’s not forced on them. It’s natural.

“I love it. I feel so comfortable and I’m just really glad to be a part of this project,” Berber said.

Mixed Grounds’ project will include events at the shop and specials supporting Pride Month.

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