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Coffee Carts Torched on UC San Diego Campus

Five coffee carts were scorched or vandalized on the campus of UC San Diego overnight, a worker told NBC 7.

Four of the carts owned by the Fairbanks Coffee Co. were set on fire. The fifth cart sustained damage to a tarp, the worker said.

Students were awakened around midnight to fire alarms activated by smoke and flame from the multiple fires on campus.

One of the maintenance workers told NBC 7 there have been previous incidents of vandalism targeting the same coffee carts.

UC San Diego police were investigating.

Student Justin Gio said the carts are positioned just outside some of the most popular classes.

“Sometimes you see a major line in front of them right before lecture, to get some caffeine intake which students need,” Gio said.

One professor stood in disbelief as he surveyed the damage. He told NBC 7 he’s not only concerned about the possibility of an arsonist targeting the campus but he also worries about the students who work at the coffee shop.

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