15 Others Near Origin of Cocos Fire: Defense

More than a dozen suspicious people were seen near the site of the devastating Cocos Fire, according to defense attorneys of the teenager accused of arson.

The 15 suspicious people and a transient seen in the area of origin were mentioned during cross-examination of a Cal Fire investigator Tuesday.

A 14 year-old San Marcos girl faces charges of felony arson in connection with the wildfire that swept through San Marcos, destroying close to 40 homes.

Prosecutors showed an 8-minute video shot by the investigator two days after the wildfire broke out on May 14, 2014. The video examined two spot fires that investigators believe led to the main fire.

The Cal Fire detective noted trees in the area that had been freshly cut.

Investigators from San Diego County Sheriff’s and Cal Fire looked into whether there had been a tree cutting operation that could have sparked the Cocos fire. Together the team was able to rule that theory out.

After a short recess, the defense questioned the same Cal Fire investigator in cross examination.

The investigator said there was no evidence of foot traffic or trash in the origin of fire.

The investigators testified there was trash on the ridge near the origin point but investigators ruled it irrelevant because it was too far from where the fire started.

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