Coastal Cities Batten Down the Hatches as Next Storm Arrives

Monday's storm was more wind. Thursday's brings rain

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Thursday’s blue skies and pleasant temperature might have led you to believe the rest of the week would follow suit, especially if you never listened to NBC 7's Dagmar Midcap or Sheena Parveen.

The Chamber of Commerce Thursday was merely the calm before a storm expected to blanket San Diego with more than an inch of rain. The entire week was sandwiched by storms.

“It was a ghost town on Monday, like bad,” said Raschelle Everett, the owner of Senor Grubby’s, in Oceanside. “People aren’t going to want to sit outside in the rain.”

Everett expected Friday to be the same, even though she believed the city of Oceanside does a good job preparing for and cleaning up after storms. Although, she admitted, Monday’s wind-driven storm was brutal.

“Kind of a mess we had on Tuesday morning," Everett said. "It was pretty gross out here.”

“The wind is a lot harder to deal with than the rain,” said Jim Davis, the operations manager at the Maritime Museum of San Diego on the Embarcadero.

Volunteers and staff spent Thursday battening down the hatches. Monday’s storm already did a number on the floating museum. The gangway between the dock and the HMS Surprise was especially troublesome.

“We had to get that out from in between before it got beaten to death," Davis said. "It was beating the tower to death and the ship to death. We were getting 3-foot seas along with 30-knot winds.”

While the rain wasn’t as damaging as the wind earlier this week, Davis wasn’t taking any chances on Thursday

“We’re pretty prepared but I’ve been working all morning just getting extra prepared,” Davis said.

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