Coast Guard Sends 2 Helicopters to Rescue Kayakers

It took the Coast Guard's two MH-60 Jayhawk helicopters to rescue two kayakers in choppy waters off Point La Jolla Wednesday morning.

Just before 9:30 a.m., dispatchers at Coast Guard Sector San Diego heard a radio distress call from two kayakers whose kayaks overturned.

The Coast Guard immediately diverted a Jayhawk helicopter from a routine flight to rescue the kayakers, who were also met by lifeguards to help in the rescue.

Soon after a second Jayhawk helicopter flew out to the scene to relieve the first helicopter that initially was called. Both helicopters hovered over the rescue sight until lifeguards safely brought the two kayakers to safety without injuries.

An official from the Coast Guard said the kayakers' radio and GPS, as well as their life jackets, possibly saved them.

"Preparedness is essential when operating any kind of watercraft, especially offshore," said Lt. Kristin Driscoll, command duty officer at Sector San Diego, in a statement.

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