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Suspect Wanted for Putting Skimming Device on ATM in 4S Ranch

The skimming device was discovered on March 25 at the 4S Commons Shopping Center in 4S Ranch

San Diego County Sheriff's (SDSO) investigators have released surveillance pictures of an unidentified man wanted for putting a skimming device on the ATM at Point Loma Credit Union in 4S Ranch, hoping to steal customers’ money.

“Five hundred dollars was taken out of my account Saturday and then another $500 was taken out the next day. So I panicked. I know I didn’t take out that amount of money," explained Audrey Rollins.

Several weeks ago, Rollins used the same machine deputies said the skimmer was found at the 4S Commons Shopping Center in 4S Ranch.

Rollins later checked her account and noticed $1,000 dollars missing. It was withdrawn from a bank all the way in Anaheim.

"Of course you think it will never happen to you and when it does, it’s really scary because you don't know how this person got access to my account and is my account really safe?" Rollins told NBC 7.

The skimming device was discovered on March 25,  according to SDSO. It was taped on top of the card slot and money dispenser.

A bank manager was tipped off to the normally inconspicuous device when a customer alerted them that their card almost got stuck in the ATM.

“Of course it's very sad because we are working so hard to earn money and somebody wants an easy way to get our money," said Afsneh Malayera who uses the Point Loma Credit Union ATM.

Customers are now keeping close watch on the card readers, trying to make sure their next trip to the ATM doesn't cost them more than they bargained for.

SDSO is urging anyone who has used the ATM to check their bank statements and alert authorities if there are any fraudulent charges on their account.

Anyone with information abou the suspect can call SDSO at (858)565-5200.

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