Owner Seeks Driver Who Hit His Dog, Has Good News

Eric Chavez was near Balboa Park when he heard a screech and a thud and says he knew it was his dog

Eric Chavez would like to come face-to-face with the driver who struck his pit bull, Clementine, about six months ago.

He says he’d like to tell her his dog survived the accident and he holds nothing against her.

“I'm sure it's a lot of weight to be carrying around to think she killed our dog,” Chavez said. “I want her to feel better and have peace of mind.”

The accident happened near 6th Avenue and Spruce Street along Balboa Park. Chavez says Clementine got loose and bolted after him across the busy street.

Chavez heard a screech and a thud and says he knew it was his dog.

Chavez’s girlfriend, Kristin Rice, who was also there told NBC 7 that complete strangers jumped into action.

“There was this guy running and he comes over. He just took his shirt off and put it around Clementine as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. Then a nurse came over and told me where to hold her leg. Another person was on her phone looking for a place for us to take her. It was amazing,” Rice told NBC 7.

The situation was so chaotic, neither Chavez nor Rice had the chance to talk to the driver who hit their dog. Clementine had to have one of her back legs amputated. She now has five screws in her jaw and evidence of massive road rash along her body.

Overall, Clementine is happy and healthy.

Chavez and Rice also want to thank the community for helping with Clementine’s vet bills. They totaled nearly $10,000 - $7,500 of which was covered by donations.

They say Pokez in Downtown helped a great deal.

Chavez says he received $1,000 in cash in the mail from an anonymous donor. The only thing written on the envelope was “To: Clementine.”

If you are the driver involved in the accident and want to reach out to Chavez or Rice, e-mail candice.nguyen@nbcuni.com.

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