Clandestine Grave Discovered in Tijuana With at Least Two Bodies With Gunshot Wounds

A grave with bodies was located in the city of Tijuana by groups searching for missing persons. They told Telemundo 20 that they found at least three bodies in the la Colonia tres de Octubre neighborhood, and the prosecutor's office said two of the bodies had gunshot wounds.

On Tuesday, police tape remained at the scene. On Monday, the members of the "We are all Erick Carrillo" foundation were seen near the graves, as well as other search groups and the army.

"Terror. Imagine, several yards from here are children and there are houses, families, and this many bodies buried here," said Eddie Carrillo, president of the foundation "We are all Erick Carrillo."

The grave was also a surprise to neighbors living in that highly populated area.

"You can't imagine there being people buried there or anything like that," said Isaura Avila, a resident near the grave area.

And they even said they felt sadness for the lives of those people left to their fate among garbage and rubble.

"They are human lives, but no one cannot do anything," said Ramón Castro, a neighbor next to a clandestine grave.

The search group pointed out that the anonymous calls they receive for the location of bodies are increasingly accurate.

"The trust that citizens have in us to give us those types of places and anonymous calls to the foundation," said Eddie Carrillo.

The finding was proof of the violence that is lived in Tijuana, where on Tuesday the prosecutor's office already reported 970 homicides during the year in this city alone, so the police said they expect the arrival of 100 police units can prevent more cases like this.

"It is very likely that already this Friday we will have a significant number of units, they are already here in Tijuana, they are only adapting the economic numbers," said Fernando Sánchez, secretary of public security in Tijuana.

The prosecution said one of the bodies was impossible to identify at the time, while the other two were men, with one person ranging in age from 45 to 50.

"The smell is pungent, that smell lasts a long time and imagine for the children who live there growing up in that realm of evil," said Eddie Carrillo.

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