Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Leads Children on March at Comic-Con International

Superheroes, villains and other characters are not the only ones heading to Comic-Con International. 

Civil Rights icon and Congressman John Lewis also made an appearance at the convention, speaking about his comic book, “March.”

Dressed in the same clothes he wore during the 1965 march in Selma, Alabama, Lewis led dozens of kids on a march through the crowded convention center Saturday.

“It’s important for all our young people to know what happened or how it happened so they too can bring about change using the philosophy of non-violence,” Lewis told NBC 7.

That's the message in Lewis' comic series “March” book one and book two as well, now taught in San Diego schools.

“The book is transformative, it’s about social justice and my students are now firmly attached to the idea that they're going to change the world...and they will,” Lewis said.

UC San Diego Professor Zeinabu Davis jumped at the chance to bring her kids to listen to Lewis...and march alongside him.

“It was representative of a little bit of what it could have felt like if we had been in many of the Civil Rights marches that have happened before,” Davis said.

Lewis said he wanted to teach students about peace, love and nonviolence. He hopes they continue to march for those messages.

“We still have a distance to go...but we will get there,” Lewis said.

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