Longtime City Workers Dealt Meth: Officials

Both La Mesa city workers arrested

A pair of city employees are accused of finding a way to boost their income.

Police were tipped off that David Castillo, a 43-year-old La Mesa park maintenance employee, was selling narcotics while he was on duty, according to city officials. Castillo was put under surveillance by police, who saw him conducting what appeared to be a drug sale in MacArthur Park, authorities said.

Castillo was later arrested, accused of “possession for sales of marijuana and methamphetamine,” according to a city news release.

Officials said the police investigation of Castillo let to a second suspect, David Schoolcraft. Investigators said they found methamphetamine at the home of the 49-year-old maintenance supervisor in the public-works department. He, too, was arrested.

The men, both of whom have worked for the city for more than 25 years, are now on administrative leave, officials said.

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