City Restricts Water Usage

The San Diego City Council approved an emergency water conservation plan on Monday that will have an effect on all of us come January.

The plan bans landscape-irrigation runoff and most ornamental fountains, sets outdoor watering schedules and restricts car washing.
Also, restaurant customers will have to ask for water.

Anybody found to be violate the mandatory restrictions could be charged or have their water restricted.

Mayor Jerry Sanders had asked for a 10 percent water savings this year, but San Diegans managed to save only 6 percent through September.
Water Authority officials said the increase from a Level 1 to a Level 2 level was necessary because of dwindling water reserves.

"Our situation is very serious," San Diego County Water Authority spokesman Bob Yamada said. "Our key water supply reservoirs are approaching historic lows. Lake Oroville ... the main water supply in the state reservoir project, is at 24 percent capacity."

The city of San Diego uses about one-third of all water in the county.

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