City, Police Announce Tentative Deal to Recruit, Retain Officers

The City of San Diego and its police department announced a tentative new agreement Friday to recruit and retain more officers.

At a news conference at the SDPD Mid City Division on Landis Street, Mayor Kevin Faulconer, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman and San Diego Police Officers Association President Brian Marvel announced the tentative deal on a compensation package.

The proposal outlined a five-year deal that would give officers a 6.6 percent pay increase over those five years. The first three years in the deal would be non-pensionable and the last two years would be when officers see that increase.

The deal also hopes to increase officer staffing up to 2100 officers in 2018. They currently have 1800 staff members.

The pay increase will be coming out of a general fund.

The deal will remain tentative until the San Diego Police Officers Association and San Diego City Council vote on it. The package must get five votes of approval by the council.

The police union has long had woes over their officer's salaries and over staffing.

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