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City Pays $2.9 Million to Driver Hit By Trash Truck

Michael DiSenso suffered a severe brain injury after he was rear-ended by a San Diego sanitation driver in April 2016

The city of San Diego will pay $2.9 million to a man who was severely injured when a city trash truck slammed into the back of his car in Point Loma three years ago.

The San Diego City Council is expected to approve the payment to Michael DiSenso and his wife, Lea, at a council hearing on July 24.

DiSenso was driving from Famosa Boulevard to Nimitz Boulevard on April 25, 2016, when a 17-ton trash truck collided into DiSenso’s Jeep. DiSenso was hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury. According to the complaint, DiSenso suffered permanent neurological damage.

The couple filed a lawsuit in December 2016. According to the court docket, the city agreed to settle this past April.

According to city documents, the driver of the sanitation truck is still employed with the city as a sanitation driver. 

The money will be paid from the City’s Public Liability Fund.

The settlement is the largest payout over a traffic collision with a city vehicle since January, when the city paid motorcyclist Valerie Jean Brown $125,000 to settle a lawsuit she filed for damages she suffered when a San Diego police officer made a left turn from the middle lane, sending Brown over the hood of the police cruiser.

DiSenso’s attorneys did not respond to a request for comment.

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