City of Santee Will Partially Reopen More Parks in the Upcoming Weeks

The city of Santee announced the limited reopening for some parks

Sky Ranch Park Santee
City of Santee

The city of Santee will continue to partially reopen more of its parks in the upcoming weeks.

The city of Santee has already reopened three of its parks--Mast Park, Woodglen Vista Park, and Shadow Hill park-- but will soon add several more.

The Town Center Community Park East and Sky Ranch Park will reopen on Friday, May 15 with restrictions.

On May 22, the city will also reopen four more parks which include, Town Center Community Park West, Deputy Ken Collier Neighborhood Park, West Hills Park, Big Rock Park all reopening with restrictions.

The restrictions for the parks will be:

  • Do not enter the parks if you have a cough or fever
  • Always maintain a minimum of a six-foot distance of others, except with those in your family/household
  • Always have a face covering and wear it if within six feet of others
  • Do not gather with others, except with those in your family/household

Basketball courts are open for individual use or by members of a single-family or household. Picnic shelters and grass areas are open for individual use or with members of a family/household.

On May 8, recreational facilities like tennis courts and handball courts were allowed to reopen under the same guidelines as golf courses -- social distancing must be insured, members must be of the same household and the facility's guidance must be approved by the county first.

Santee Lakes has reopened but with restrictions.

The lake will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. All activities with physical distancing are allowed, including bike riding, fishing, roller-skating, and walking.

The parking lot is open at 50% capacity, no group gatherings, they ask to limit exercise time at the park to under two hours and picnic areas should be for individual use or household members only.

Fishing is allowed is anglers keep a 6 feet social distance between themselves and others. Fishing permits will be sold at the Gatehouse or by outside Park Staff.

For more information on the city of Santee's parks, click here.

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