San Diego

City of San Diego Cleans Up San Diego Riverbed

It's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it - to save the San Diego Riverbed.

An aggressive effort to clean the San Diego River was underway Tuesday in Grantville.

The cleanup was part of the Mayor Kevin Faulconer's "Clean SD" initiative to clear out trash and pollution from all public areas. 

“The goal is simple, get it clean and keep it clean,” Faulconer said. 

The cleanup effort began in September. Since then, city of San Diego said its workers have cleared nearly 99 tons of waste from 32 locations.

The city owns a third of the area along the San Diego riverbank but it is now urging owners of property nearby to do their part too.

The city says it is stepping up its outreach and coordination with local businesses and other government agencies to help clean up the river bed.

It sent out 33 letters urging businesses and agencies to keep the area clean.

So far seven of them have stepped up their efforts. 

“The good news is, the private property owners have said, ‘Yes please come,’” said Faulconer. “A lot of them do a great job but some of them in the big areas, it requires a concerted effort that only a city can do with city crews and city equipment."

The area of the riverbed cleaned Tuesday used to be a homeless encampment. City homeless outreach team was present to assist the people who were living in that area.

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