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City of Oceanside Helps Businesses Adapt During Pandemic

The City of Oceanside waived the permit fees for fitness classes. It's part of an effort to sustain the local economy

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The City of Oceanside is helping businesses take it outside during the pandemic. Fitness classes were held right outside city hall, for the first time on Saturday. It's just one of the many ways small business owners have adapted.

When Bronwen Finta opened Therapy Social Fitness Studio, eight years ago, she never imagined she would be leading her dance class on the same property that hosts city council meetings.

"It's the first time we've gotten to do it at city hall, which is awesome," Finta said. "We love it. It's beautiful. We're super thankful for the city for letting us do this."

The City of Oceanside also waived the permit fees for the outdoor dance class. It's part of an effort to sustain the local economy.

"They want us to survive as a business. They're really supportive, which is awesome," Finta said.

The changing regulations have seemed like a roller coaster ride for Finta. Because of state health orders, Finta's studio has been forced to shut down twice. Finta did receive a PPP loan. Not being able to hold in-person classes was a struggle for the business and the clients.

"There is definitely something special about being together with everybody again, and it was really therapeutic for me," said Sara Baird, a studio member.

"I like the energy. People who come and work hard and make it happen," said Meri Brice, a studio member.

While the setting of dance workouts may be unusual, the sense of community is helping everyone thrive in the pandemic.

"I will fight to keep this going. Fit and strong. Especially during this really stressful time. We'll keep it together, and just keep moving," Finta said.

The City of Oceanside has resources and information for businesses affected by COVID-19 restrictions. For more information, visit its website.

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