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City of Coronado and City Schools to Stop Participation in Funeral Processions for Fallen Servicemembers

In a statement, both the city and school district said they would continue to honor and support the military in other ways

The City of Coronado and the Coronado Unified School district will no longer take part in funeral processions honoring fallen members of the military.

There have been three processions in the last several years according to a city spokesperson, and they have grown more sophisticated with flag-waving participants lining local streets.

Thousands have attended learning about routes through social media.

According to a statement from city:

“To address security concerns and a sensitivity to the local children of deployed family members, the City of Coronado and Coronado Unified School District, with the support of Naval Base Coronado, are redirecting their participation in military funeral processions to other forms of support and encouragement for our military families.”

The decision is getting mixed reaction from community members.

“I do have a very emotional attachment to it, and I understand the importance of showing respect and honor for our fallen warriors, but on the other hand, I’m aware of the impact it has on the city and our children,” said Jim Woolway, a 38-year Navy veteran and volunteer patrol officer in Coronado.

But others called the decision “curious”, since the processions are meant to honor those who have fallen.

“I certainly understand the idea that it’s a reminder of death and it would be a reminder of death to kids and potentially traumatizing, but up until this moment in time, its always seemed to me to be something we absorb as a society and learn from,” said Coronado resident John Phillips.

Some felt the processions should continue without student involvement.

“I really feel it’s something that we should do just because these guys have put their lives on the line and I think we should respect them for doing that,” said 56-year Coronado resident Robin Greer.

In a statement, both the city and school district said they would continue to honor and support the military in other ways:

“The City sponsors the Avenue of Heroes banner program to honor residents who served or are serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. The City also recently installed the 'First Ashore' statue at Glorietta Bay Park to honor early and current SEAL teams, and in previous years paid tribute to local military heroes, including Vice Adm. James B. Stockdale, with memorials around Coronado. The City also participates in an annual Memorial Day ceremony at Star Park and sponsors an annual Wounded Warriors event at the Community Center, among other events. The School District honors the military through numerous annual events and mentorship programs including its annual 'Take a Veteran to School Day,' Naval Base Coronado’s 'What Memorial Day Means to Me' essay contest, after school clubs for military children, and various 'Month of the Military Child' activities in April."

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