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City of Chula Vista Preparing for Weekend Storm

Damage from January's storm could cost the City of Chula Vista millions of dollars

After January's storms damaged trees and poles, the City of Chula Vista is preparing for another weekend storm.

On Wednesday, Chula Vista warned residents to take precautions ahead of the heavy rainfall that will hit San Diego County.

The damage left behind from the previous trio of storms could take months to clean up and cost the city millions of dollars, according to Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas.

Uprooted trees and wind damage are still a reminder for residents of the powerful storm.

Robert Alvarado, owner of Pride of San Diego Boxing Club said a tree fell directly in front of his business last month, costing him $10,000 in damages.

Tree trimmers had to clean up a Eucalyptus tree that came crashing down on seven cars outside the business.

"Be more aware of trees while you're driving," Alvarado said.

 Another resident, who had a tree fall near her home, said the best they could do was prepare for the storm.

"I'm a little concerned, yes. But it's nature so what can we do," Michelle Robosa said.

Residents are encouraged to pick up free sandbags from the Public Words Yard on Maxwell Road. It's open from 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. between Thursday and Saturday.

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