City Agency Workers Pocket Raises, Bonuses

Why did one city agency hand out more than a half million dollars in bonuses and raises to its workers when city workers' pay is being cut to close a budget gap?

Two hundred fifty employees of  San Diego's nonprofit data processing agency were slated to share in $600,000 in raises and bonuses this year, according to a published report -- sounds like quite the “non” profit.

Mayor Jerry Sanders isn’t pleased about the news, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported -- in fact, he wants to see the paperwork on the extra pay for the agency going back three years.

"We're not accusing anybody of doing anything wrong, but I think that one of the things that happens in some of these corporations that are actually quasi-city entities is there's not much attention paid to them in the budget process,” Sanders told the paper.

The agency's fiscal year ends on June 30, according to the Union-Tribune, which also reported that not all of the money may be paid out. Nothing's budgeted for next year in the same areas.

San Diego Data Processing Corp. boss Tom Fleiming told the paper the agency has scaled back plans in wake of the economic meltdown. He said he turned down a $67,466 bonus but did accept a $9,200 raise. He now makes $239,000 a year, the paper reported.

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