City Employees to Complete Mandatory Reporting of COVID-19 Vaccination Status Form

Regardless of vaccination status, all city employees will need to complete the form by Aug. 13

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The city of San Diego is requiring all employees, regardless of vaccination status, to complete a COVID-19 vaccination status form by next week.

In a letter obtained by NBC 7, the city sent all city employees a letter on Aug. 2 informing them that they need to fill out the "Mandatory Reporting of COVID-19 Vaccination Status" form by Aug.13, 2021.

Employees that have already self-certified, will also have to report their
status in SAP and include a photo or scanned copy of the vaccination card or other proof of vaccination.

"Fully vaccinated employees are not required to wear a facial covering while in the
workplace, indoors or outdoors, once they complete the 'Mandatory Reporting of COVID-19 Vaccination Status' form," the city said in the letter.

In the letter, the city reminds employees that “fully vaccinated” means the city has documented that the employee received, at least 14 days prior, either the second dose in a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine series or a single-dose COVID-19 vaccine.

The city told NBC 7 that at this time, there are no testing requirements for employees who remain unvaccinated, however, they are required to wear face coverings while in the workplace.

The state's regulations require that all employees who are not fully vaccinated must
continue to wear a face-covering with two layers at all times, while indoors or in shared vehicles in the workplace, the city stated.

Face coverings include a surgical mask, medical procedure mask, a respirator, or a tightly woven fabric or non-woven material mask of at least two layers. A facial covering does not include a scarf, ski mask, gaiter, balaclava, bandana, turtleneck collar, or other covering of only a single layer of fabric, the city said in the letter.

In the letter, the city also stated, "Failure to comply with these requirements may result in discipline, up to and including termination, in accordance with the city’s progressive discipline policies."

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