City Councilwoman Marti Emerald Discusses Retirement Decision

San Diego Councilwoman Marti Emerald elaborated on her decision to retire from City Council at a press conference.

In her announcement Wednesday morning at the Ridgeview Community Gardens, Emerald said she came to the realization after she returned to work after a series of chemotherapy treatments for cancer.

She got back to her office, she said, and looked at all the younger people around her and realized it was time to retire.

"Eight years is really enough," Emerald said. "I've never been a fan of term limits, but I can understand that after eight years, it's easy to get cynical or take things for granted and I never want that to happen."

At her press conference, she announced that her Chief of Staff, Ricardo Flores, would be running for the District 9 seat she has held for nearly seven years once vacated.

She said she wanted to announce her retirement early so as to encourage others to run without having to race against an incumbent.

"But I wanted to make this decision early enough to give Ricardo [Flores] and or anybody else who is running an opportunity to know I'm not in the race so if they're thinking about doing it, they don't have to consider running against me," Emerald said. 

Last September Emerald, who represents Council District 9, confirmed she was battling breast cancer with a message posted to her Facebook page.

The councilwoman said her doctors told her she had an “excellent prognosis for full recovery.” She has remained active in her leadership role since her cancer diagnosis.

Emerald, a former broadcast journalist of 30 years, joined the San Diego City Council in 2008. She represented District 7 until 2012 and has since led District 9.

The College Area resident is currently serving her seventh year as the Chair of the Public Safety & Livable Neighborhoods Committee.

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