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City Council Vote Could Keep SkateWorld Rolling

With just four days to go until the City Council votes on the future of SkateWorld in Linda Vista, San Diego's only wooden roller rink's chances of survival are getting better.

The council will decide whether to sell the property out from under the business to a developer.

The city attorney this week is laying out the council's options, and at least two of the options could reopen the bidding on this property.

That would give Skateworld a second chance to own it, or at least get another landlord interested in investing in this business.

Skateworld is just four days from learning its fate, but supporters aren't surrendering their skates just yet.

Skateworld operator Brett Stang says the most startling part of the City Attorney's analysis is the announcement of the winning bid submitted by Pacifica Development.

“5.43 million? That's the winning bid? Awe man you are going to tell me I lost by just a couple thousand? Get outta here," Skateworld Operator Brett stang said.

Stang criticized Civic San Diego for recommending the sale to Pacifica. He called the planning group's practices shady.

"Skateworld and its investors would not only match what they are offering but I would add $5,000 on top of that," Stang said.

Skateworld is one of seven projects still on Civic San Diego's plate even though a legal settlement, if approved by council, would strip the group of its powers.

Stang says the fairest thing the city council could do is restart the process.

The city attorney's analysis indicates that could happen if the site's designation was changed or members deny the Pacifica bid because it is not high enough.

“I don't want them to make a final decision on a 44-year-old business and an 80-year-old building just to get it off their plate," Stang said.

The city council may find itself buried under public pressure come meeting time.

More than 19,000 people signed a petition urging them to save Skateworld.

While the City Attorney's analysis does provide some hope, restarting the bidding process won't guarantee the survival of Skateworld.

Stang says he would be satisfied with a fair chance and a transparent process.

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