City Council Approves $1M Settlement with Ex-Cop's Victims

Former officer Christopher Hays pleaded guilty to misconduct on the job in 2014

The City of San Diego will pay close to $1 million in damages to two women abused by a former San Diego Police Department officer who served five months behind bars.

Former San Diego Police Officer Christopher Hays pleaded guilty to felony false imprisonment as well as misdemeanor counts of assault and battery under the color of authority by a peace officer in 2014. He was released in early March 2015.

On Monday, the San Diego City Council approved a settlement to two women who were victims of Hays.

Attorney Dan Gilleon, who represents the fifth woman to accuse Hays of sexually abusing her while on duty, said his client will receive $400,000 of the combined $950,000 settlement.

"She's had a tough life," said Gilleon about his client. "She's been abused by men her whole life, physically, sexually. So she's kind of day to day as it is."

He said the settlement is a sort of vindication for her.

In 2014, at least five women came forward accusing Hays of allegedly inappropriately touching and groping them during pat-downs while he was on duty.

A settlement of $1.3 million involving two of the victims was approved in April.

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