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City Closes Down Parkour Gym After Stairwell Collapse That Injured 21 Children

A Barrio Logan indoor gym where a stairwell collapsed, causing injuries to nearly two dozen children, will be closed until an investigation is complete to determine what caused the collapse.

The incident occurred Saturday evening during "Kids Night Out" at Vault PK, a Parkour training facility at Main and Sigsbee streets.

About 50 kids ran to the upper level of the indoor gymnasium when they were told it was time for pizza, children at the scene told NBC 7.

That is when a 20-by-30 foot wooden deck and stairwell collapsed, injuring 21 children and two adults.

Monday, city inspectors were looking into what caused the collapse and whether the business had proper permits. The city of San Diego has red-tagged Vault PK and all other businesses inside the same building--meaning the gym cannot reopen until any problems are fixed.

Omar Rodriguez, 10, and his mother and 16-year-old sister were among those taken to the hospital Saturday night.


He told NBC 7, he panicked when the balcony collapsed and he couldn't find his mother. She crawled out from underneath the debris, he said.

"She came out crying too and I hugged her," Omar said.

His mother broke her ankle and his sister, Nailey, broke her pelvis in three places.

"She so happy, always singing, always doing things. That's what teenager do," said Omar and Nailey's father. "But now she doesn't want to talk to me. She's laying down in bed. She's not able to move."

Most of the injuries to other children and adults were minor.

When there are as many as 23 injuries in an emergency situation, everyone jumps into action. NBC 7's Alex Presha details the actions of San Diego's first responders.

Parkour is a style of military martial arts that combines running, jumping and climbing to travel as quickly as possible from place to place.

Vault PK hosts Kids Night Out from 6 to 9 p.m. on Saturdays in November, according to its website.

Vault PK released a statement on Facebook Sunday:

The city is currently looking at what permits are in place, and what permits are lacking from the business.

MTS owns the building and leases out the space.

Three businesses are currently in the building, including two gyms.  All are closed until further notice. 

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