Truax House, Historic AIDS Hospice, Approved For Sale

The city-owned parcel was sold for $2.5 million.

The sale of the historic Truax House in Bankers Hill was unanimously approved by the San Diego City Council on Tuesday.

The parcel containing the city-owned Truax House, a historic AIDS hospice that began serving the San Diego community in the late 1980s, will be sold for $2.5 million to Nakhshab Development and Design, Inc.

The parcel contains the historic Truax House at 2313/2315 Union Street, and a non-historic property at 540 West Laurel Street. 

The house was named after San Diego LGBT leader Doctor A. Brad Truax in September of 1988, just months before he died from the AIDS disease in November of that year.

It was designated a historic site by the City's Historical Resources Board at a July 28 meeting.

The City Council’s’ Real Estate Assets Department started hearing proposals from potential buyers back in April.

The purchase proposal, which was the highest bid offered, includes dedication of the ground floor of the house as a community center with courtyard space.

The non-historic home on Laurel Street will be replaced with a multi-use building that includes office space, a coffee shop and residential units, 10 percent of which will qualify as very low income housing, according to the Office of Councilmember Todd Gloria.

“This is exactly the type of proposal that the Council had in mind when we agreed to put the property on the market,” Councilmember Gloria said. “[Mr. Nakhshab] has done a wonderful job of incorporating solutions to the various concerns noted at the last hearing by different stakeholders, many of whom are now supporting this action.”

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