Citizens Pay Their Respects to Fallen SDPD Officer

Thousands of law enforcement officers and private citizens came to pay their respects to SDPD Officer Jonathan "JD" De Guzman.

Hundreds of people lined the streets to watch the procession for fallen San Diego Police Officer Jonathan De Guzman during a public memorial service on Friday morning.

Law enforcement officers from across the country and civilians gathered to pay their respects to Officer De Guzman who was shot and killed in the line of duty last week.

The procession of law enforcement officers made its way eastbound on Interstate 8 to Greenfield Street.

Many who came to watch the procession told NBC 7 that they wanted to show support for the De Guzman family and for all of law enforcement.

“We just really want police officers to know we are behind them, absolutely. It’s been really hard for them and it’s important they know we support them,” said Lakeside resident Jamie Marzan.

Citizens gathered at street corners waved flags, many waiting since early Friday morning for a chance to say thank you.

“It’s just beautiful to see all the involvement, all the people who were out there and just giving their respects. It was a beautiful thing,” Debbie Marzan said.

De Guzman, 43, died July 28 when he was shot multiple times, at point-blank range during a traffic stop. De Guzman's partner Officer Wade Irwin was injured in the attack and is expected to make a full recovery in the hospital.

“I just think it’s sobering. You see these vast numbers of people that are there taking care of us every day. It’s kind of a shame it takes a tragedy to pull us together and be respectful and thankful for what they have done for us,” Karen Heany said.

De Guzman is survived by his wife and two children.

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