Crime Spree Suspect Uncooperative at Arrest: Officer

Garcia had a 9-mm ammunition clip inside the concealed bullet-proof vest she was wearing an officer testified

A teenager accused in a violent crime spree that ended in a gun battle with San Diego police was described as rude and uncooperative at the time of her arrest.

Testimony was heard in the second day of the preliminary hearing for Cindy Garcia, 18, who faces 16 felony counts, including attempted murder of a peace officer.

San Diego police officers killed Garcia's husband, former Riverside County firefighter Philip Hernandez, in a Barrio Logan shootout on Halloween.

Hernandez taunted officers by driving erratically around the East Village and Barrio Logan officials said.

An SDPD sergeant following Hernandez stayed back, because he assumed the 40-year-old suspect and his 18 year-old wife were armed and very dangerous.

“He immediately started to slow down and started making weaving motions left to right like ‘Hey look at me’ and at that point I knew it was him and what he was trying to do,” the sergeant testified.
“He was trying to have me pull him over by myself. “

Moments before the shootout the sergeant called for backup and said he prepared himself for the worst.

Two K-9 units, an ABLE police helicopter and at least six more officers arrived to the scene.

Though the witnesses at this morning's preliminary hearing said there was no evidence that Cindy Garcia fired any shots or threatened officers, she faces life in prison for her role in the crime spree and the shoot-out.

Later this morning, the officer who arrested Garcia after the shootout testified that Garcia was "rude and uncooperative" when questioned about whether there was anyone else in the van who might pose a danger to officers.

"Why don't you go and check yourself," Garcia allegedly told Officer Berenice Herrera. "You're the police. Are you scared?"

Officer Herrera also said Garcia had a 9-mm ammunition clip inside the concealed bullet-proof vest she was wearing during the shoot-out.

The testimony contradicts the defense theory that Garcia was only involved in the crime spree out of fear. 

The couple’s crime spree began October 29 with a car fire in 2600 block of East Mission Bay Drive. An hour later, a man was shot in Hillcrest in the1200 block of Upas Street.

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Then, around 9 a.m., a man was robbed in Mission Valley East. Hours later, veteran off-duty SDPD officer Les Stewart was robbed and shot in the head while using an ATM in Escondido.

A carjacking at a Sam’s Club in Oak Park followed. Later in Chula Vista, the stolen car was found on fire.

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