“We'll Trust in the Lord”: Church Takes in Congregation After Fire

20-foot flames could be seen from the Full Gospel Church of God in Christ for miles Friday night

Two days after the Full Gospel Church of God in Christ was destroyed in a fire churchgoers celebrated Palm Sunday at St. Stephen’s Church of God in Christ.

Friday night the Spring Valley church burned down after an RV parked behind the building went up in flames.

"I was really devastated when I came down and saw the fire in the building," Pastor Jesse Waters said. "Really shocked."

Elder Glenn McKinney is a youth pastor at St. Stephens, a sister church now opening its doors to Waters’ congregation so, despite the loss of their building, the Full Gospel congregation can continue their worship one week before Easter.

“It’s a time of reflection of what he did on the cross for us today,” McKinney told NBC 7. “When something like this happens it can put a damper on your spirit and they’re not going to let anything like this stifle their praise to God.”

Pastor Waters’ daughter agreed they would not let the fire destroy their spirit during this holy time.

“It’s highly disappointing, but this is not the end of Full Gospel. And so we will be having church on Sunday,” Sheila Mosley said. “Of course it won’t be here, but we will be having church services this coming Sunday.”

Her father, the pastor, said he always tries to see the good in every situation.

“I know that blessings even come out of tragedies and so we’ll trust in the Lord to do just that for us.”

Bomb and arson investigators are still looking into what caused the fire.

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