San Diego

Chula Vistans Flood Social Media with Complaints of Strange Odor

So far, no one can offer an explanation

Chula Vistans are taking to social media to express their distaste with a foreign odor wafting over the city.

They don’t know what it is or where it’s coming from, but residents are upset by the strange odor they say has been around for a few days.

Joyce Romio lives right next door to Otay Landfill and she swears the stench isn’t coming from there.

“I know that smell, unfortunately,” she said.

Facebook users complaining of the smell described it as a “wet ash” kind of smell. They’re not saying it smells dirty, and Romio said “it doesn’t smell like poo.”

The cities of Chula Vista, Imperial Beach and San Diego couldn’t offer an explanation for the stench, and neither said they had heard any complaints. NBC 7 also reached out to the landfill and the police and had similar luck.

The county Air Pollution Control District said the biggest problem is people are posting about the funky smell on social media and no one is calling them. A spokesperson said the district would investigate, but until then Romio and her neighbors might have to just pinch their nose.

The Air Pollution District advises anyone who ever smells something strange that clearly isn’t gas to contact them at (858) 586-2600.

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