Pursuit Suspect Rams Into Cop Cars in Chula Vista

The driver made his way through neighborhoods and streets near schools in Chula Vista in the 30-minute chase

A man suspected of being high on methamphetamine led police on a half-hour pursuit through Chula Vista Wednesday, ramming into two squad cars before pulling into the driveway of his own home and trying to escape.

Chula Vista Police Department Lt. Fritz Weber said police began receiving reports of a man driving recklessly and doing donuts through neighborhood streets just after 12 p.m.

At around 1:45 p.m., officers spotted the erratic driver and tried to pull him over, but he failed to stop. Lt. Weber said a chase ensued that lasted more than 30 minutes, with the suspect weaving his way through residential areas.

At certain points, the suspect drove near schools. When he hit Third Avenue, he sideswiped another driver who was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.

Then, he entered a cul-de-sac where he accelerated and rammed into two police cars, Lt. Weber said. The suspect also ran over an electrical block and passed his own home on Max Avenue several times during the chase.

Police deployed spike strips and at about 2:15 p.m., the man pulled into the driveway of his home, ending the pursuit at Max Avenue and Quail Drive.

Lt. Weber said he then got out of the car and attempted to run into the backyard. Just as the man was jumping over a fence, a K-9 was released. The police dog pulled the suspect off the fence and onto the ground.

Lt. Weber said the man, identified as 60-year-old Carlos Juan Vasquez, continued to resist arrest and officers used a Taser on him. After a moment, he was handcuffed.

Police said Vasquez has a violent criminal history and was suspected of being under the influence of methamphetamine before and during the pursuit.

The lieutenant said that because of this, the situation could’ve been much worse.

“We’re thankful no pedestrians or children were hurt in this case,” said Lt. Weber. “It could’ve been a lot worse.”

Paramedics were called to treat the suspect for unspecified injuries. He was hauled away on a stretcher by an ambulance, his left wrist handcuffed to the stretcher.

Skid marks from the suspect’s vehicle lined the street following the pursuit.

Some neighbors, including Alexis Jones, said they were surprised by how quickly things unfolded on their street.

“The cops came down my neighborhood speeding fast. I hear a helicopter, I come out and all of the sudden, I see the car pull into the driveway all wrecked and stuff,” said Jones. “It’s just a shock.”

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