Chula Vista Police Issues Very Different Tickets to Families in Need of a Boost this Christmas

CVPD hosted a Holiday Meal Giveaway on Monday

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Hundreds of people were happy to get a ticket from the Chula Vista Police on Monday.

The special tickets were a part of the CVPD and the Chula Vista Police Foundation’s Holiday Meal Giveaway. Every ticket allowed families to get food for a Christmas meal and a present for each of their children.

“It’s all about helping our community,” smiled Police Chief Roxana Kennedy.

“It’s not just about giving tickets or arresting people. It’s about giving to the community,” agreed Officer Cecilia Rivera.

Roughly 600 families got in line with their tickets outside the Walmart on Broadway. They were given turkeys, fresh fruit, and several sides to make a holiday meal. Each child was able to pick out a gift. Dozens of lucky children were able to walk away with a bicycle.

“There’s nothing that makes me feel prouder as a Chief of Police to be able to help people who truly need a lift-up for the holidays,” said Kennedy. “They get to see the heart behind the badge and the human side of law enforcement.”

Chief Kennedy said police cruisers will also be stuffed with toys and will drive around to homes to pass out gifts on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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